GeoSteering and GeoNavigation

Trailblazer Geo Services offers GeoSteering and GeoNavigation guidance services through experienced and well-trained staff geologists and unmatched multi-dimensional borehole placement software.  Our Geosteering and GeoNavigation services model is constructed to collaborate with our operators to achieve their ideal wellbore placement objectives and reservoir targets, to maximize payzone exposure to improve hydrocarbon retrieval, and to support safe drilling operations at the wellsite.


By utilizing Trailblazer Geo Service's  SteerTHRU™ and NavTHRU services, we can offer the operator a myriad of geological monitoring, steering, navigation, supervision, evaluation, and planning assistance.


  • Experienced geological teams to assist operator’s geologists in 24-hour monitoring and reporting of wellbore position in near-real time.
  • Help provide knowledge and offer geological recommendations on optimal wellbore placement within the reservoir.
  • Provide expertise for timely decisions affecting wellbore landing, wellbore trajectory, and wellbore collision avoidance at the wellsite.
  • SteerTHRU™ and NavTHRU  Services are tailored to the requirements of the project by providing various levels of assistance that span from high-end supervisory GeoSteering services to lower-end, report only, GeoNavigation services.
  • Expedient GeoSteering and GeoNavigation reports updated within minutes of our crews receiving the latest directional survey from drillers with optional reporting periods at regular timed intervals during a 24-hour interval.
  • Assist operator’s geologists with multiple projects in Pre-job planning, Pre-drill assistance, and Post-Drill analysis and reporting.
  • Offer support and collaboration to help overburdened operators without the hiring of a permanent staff to assist in GeoSteering and GeoNavigation functions which invariably contributes to a tremendous cost benefit realization on AFEs.
  • Geosteering and GeoNavigation teams are dedicated to nothing else but steering and navigation of the borehole.  Unlike other service companies, we do not assign a multitude of wellsite responsibilities to crews (mudlogging) which leads to the dilution of effective services.
  • SteerTHRU™ and NavTHRU Services can be performed at the wellsite, remotely, or at the operator’s own facility for a more streamlined, collaborative exchange.
  • Unsurpassed 3-Dimensional borehole rendering in near-time, advanced curve fitting functions, and modern wellbore profile representations displayed in measured depth or vertical section profiles.
  • A multi-page, GeoSteering or GeoNavigation report in several file format types, for easy dissemination to others involved with the well.
  • WITSML capabilities and compatibilities for real-time data streaming and retrieval.


For a demonstation of our full capabilites and for sales of the DSS geosteering software package, please contact us for further information.

Real-Time 3-Dimensional Borehole Rendering

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Modern Wellbore Profile Representation (MD or VS)

Advanced Curve Fitting Functions For Precise Correlation

"....and it is for the fluid contents, rather than for the rock itself, that wells are drilled."

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